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Muna Analytics respects and protects your privacy and the following document will inform you about how your data will be collected and processed by us.

Data collection:

When you use our services, if the relevant service uses the Muna Analytics SDK, then your access data may be collected by us subject to reasonable compliance.

What data we collect from you:

The following information, so that users can be accurately identified, is shown in bold.

Your network IP address [IPv4, IPv6]

Time of request initiation

User browser UA information (browser fingerprint) [user-agent]

User origin address [referer]

User (desired) access address [URL]

User access path [Path]

In addition to this, your IP address will be used to obtain your IP address (to the exact country), which will be queried in the local IP database throughout the process, and we will not send your IP address to any third party service provider.

In addition, when your request fails, we additionally collect a desensitised version of the cause of the error and the error code so that we can troubleshoot the service.

Special collection cases:

"DNT" request header

We respect the user's individual wishes and the DNT request header is a uniform request header used to indicate the user's individual wishes regarding privacy collection, and we fully adapt this request header so that if the user passes in this HTTP Header when requesting the service, we will process personal data to the standard of high privacy users.

For users from the EU and other countries

In accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation and specific national laws, we have special data collection policies for the following countries.