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The Service complies with the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) with respect to the processing, transmission and storage of data, and we are therefore able to provide the Service to users in the European Union. In order to comply with the GDPR regarding the trusted regions for data processing and to ensure the security of your private data, the data generated by your use of the Service will not be transferred to mainland China for processing. The content of this document is based on the Data-processing exemption principles. if there is a conflict in the entries, please refer to the Data-processing exemption principles.

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When you pull our comment data, your IP address may be collected and stored by us (for no more than 28 days) in order to prevent malicious requests. At the same time, your IP address may be used for "country" wide IP address detection, and we may use this information to hide parts of your comment data from you that do not comply with local laws and regulations in order to achieve compliance, and you will see a clear indication when we have hidden parts of the information based on your IP address.

Posting Comments

When you submit a comment to us, in addition to the fields you voluntarily fill in, your browser's UA (User-agent) and IP address are transmitted to our servers at the same time.

Processing of different data

IP address

Your IP address will be used for attribution queries, but the attribution information will not be shown to anyone and will only be used for our source analysis**. We also store your IP address persistently, which helps us to control the rate of IP requests in order to prevent spam, and in line with the IP address data, this data is not transmitted externally.


We use your UA information to obtain the type of device you are using and the version of the browser you are using. Since this information does not contain sensitive data, this information (device type, browser type, browser kernel and version number) may be displayed on the web page.

E-mail address

Your email address is persistently stored by us so that we can send you a reply notification when you receive a new reply; we also use the MD5 value of your email address to obtain your social avatar (if any) on third-party avatar platforms.

If you are using "QQ Mailbox" from Tencent, i.e.: *, we will prioritize displaying your QQ account avatar instead of the avatar from the third party platform.

The Service will send you reminder emails through the service provided by Mailgun, during this process we need to transfer your email address and related comment content to Mailgun.

Comment Content

Normally, the content of your comments will not be transmitted to any third-party platform for processing, but sometimes when we are troubled by spam, we may use third-party content review tools to help us block spam, which will be clearly indicated on the webpage when we enable this policy.

At the same time, we always advocate an independent, legal, inclusive, and friendly friendly discussion policy, that is, you CAN NOT post large sections of text generated by large language models to the discussion area; you CAN NOT post violations in the discussion area content of local laws; you CAN NOT discriminate against others for any reason in the discussion forum; you CAN NOT post any sensitive personal data of others (or yourself) or abuse others in the discussion forum.

If you violate the Four Words Community Policy, we have the right to delete the relevant content you posted without notifying you.